As the leading alternative medicine center in the Southern Tier, Complementary Medicine and Healing Arts ( CMHA ) has been proud to provide the region with high quality professional healthcare/wellness care since 1998. 

Complementary and Alternative Medicine ( CAM ) provides safe, natural and effective treatment modalities that either work on their own or can be combined with conventional allopathic medical treatments. At CMHA we offer a balanced approach and can integrate our care with other treatments you are currently using. Our services include acupuncture / chinese herbal medicine, and naturopathy.

We are a group of dedicated, professional, board certified health practitioners who work at CMHA in Endicott, NY/Binghamton area. While we are independent healthcare providers, we maintain a strong network of internal and external referrals and professional consultations. We treat a wide range of health complaints including allergies, depression, infertility, acute and chronic pain, headaches, PMS, menopausal syndrome, digestive disorders and many more.

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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

 Shaul Hendel, M.S, L.Ac.

Neil Weinberg, M.S. L.Ac.



Dr. Amanda Fey, N.D.


Our Commitment:

Consistent with the principles of holistic health care, we are committed to caring for the whole person, not just the person’s imbalance or illness. Using decades of combined knowledge and experience, we treat every one of our patients with compassion, kindness and an open mind. Utilizing the best natural healing modalities, we strive to bring balance, health and vitality to our patients’ lives.


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