Admission Cancellation and Risk Managment

Admission and Cancellation Policies:

The Action Potential @ CMHA is not an appropriate choice for individuals dealing with behavioral, motivational or rehabilitation issues. We will deny admission to anyone we believe to be unable to meet the physical, mental, social or safety demands of our courses.
The Action Potential @ CMHA will expel any student who exhibits behavior that, in our sole discretion, is unsafe or disrupts or distracts from the educational mission of their course. Harassment, use of drugs and alcohol, theft or misuse of property, low motivation and disregarding instructions are examples of behavior that will lead to expulsion. If a student is expelled there will be no refund.
Equal Opportunity
The Action Potential @ CMHA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability in the administration of its admission or employment policies. A qualified student is one who meets the The Action Potential @ CMHA Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) and/or the WMI EEC. If The Action Potential @ CMHA reasonably determines that a disability could lead to an inappropriate level of danger to the student or others, based upon a particular activity, then that person may be ineligible for that particular course but would not be excluded from consideration for other opportunities offered by The Action Potential @ CMHA.
The Action Potential @ CMHA Cancellation Policies
For all other courses, if you cancel or leave for any reason:
between 15 and 29 days prior to the course starting date, The Action Potential @ CMHA will retain 25 percent of the course tuition.
between 8 and 14 days prior to the course starting date, The Action Potential @ CMHA will retain 50 percent of the course tuition.
less than 8 days prior to the course starting date and once the course has begun, there will be no refunds.
The Action Potential @ CMHA Transfer Policies
For all other courses, if you transfer courses:
30 or more days prior to the course starting date, there will be a $25 processing charge.
29 days or less prior to the course starting date, regular cancellation and refund charges apply.
In the Event that The Action Potential @ CMHA has to cancel the course full refunds shall be issued.
Risk Management
At The Action Potential @ CMHA we embrace the physical and emotional challenge of the natural environment to attain our learning objectives. The Action Potential @ CMHA courses are not easy and involve the pursuit of adventurous activities in rugged terrain in which there are real dangers. Risk, both physical and emotional, is an important element of a The Action Potential @ CMHA education. The uncertainty posed by nature combined with the judgments and abilities of students and staff leads to risk. Risk management, in this context, is the ability to make a decision when the outcome is uncertain and relies on our ability to perceive and quantify the risks we face. Risk management is taught and practiced on every course. The Action Potential @ CMHA is committed to promoting the physical and emotional well-being of all students.
Students transport their own gear; prepare their own meals; and are expected to care for themselves in weather conditions that can be extreme. Each student plays an important role in the success of a The Action Potential @ CMHA course. Good physical conditioning and a positive mental attitude are essential.
Our courses are conducted in the outdoors when appropriate. As a result of this teaching environment medical incidents can occur. The majority of medical incidents that might occur are simple and often treated in the field. A more serious incident, such as a fracture, will require evacuation to a medical facility.
It is important you understand that there are risks. Some adventure programs say that they can guarantee your safety. The Action Potential @ CMHA does not. The risk of injury, even serious injury or death, is always present in the outdoor environment. Indeed, much of the value of a The Action Potential @ CMHA course lies in learning how to identify hazards and adapt behavior to strive to avoid injury or illness.

The Action Potential @ CMHA Promotion
Occasionally, The Action Potential @ CMHA uses students’ names, photos, and other images in promotional material, videos, and press releases. By registering for the course you imply consent to use any photographs or images in future promotions, videos, or press releases.

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